25. Jan, 2012

Review of the Brooks B-17 saddle

Review of the Brooks B-17 saddle

Our rating: 7/10

The Brooks B-17 saddle is difficult to review. We can’t say that we love it, but we both agree that we wouldn’t use anything different, especially now that we have gone to the effort of wearing ours in.

We chose the Brooks B-17 as it had good reviews from the cycle touring community and also it came as standard with our Thorn Nomads. Paddy went with the black version, whilst Laura opted for tan as we were told it would soften up quicker. We’re not so sure that it true, but the tan does develop a lovely worn-in colour. Laura chose not to bother with the specific female version as it added to the cost. A wise move or not? We aren’t sure. Laura has definitely suffered most with discomfort, but there is no guarantee that the women’s version would have been better. Probably though, if given the choice again we would have spent a few extra pounds. (more…)