Winter cycling – Welwyn to London

Winter cycling – Welwyn to London

Welwyn Garden City – London, November 2010, 45 miles

Sunday was a great day for being out on the bikes, clear blue skies and crispy cold. Wrapped up warm, we took the train to Welwyn Garden City and cycled back along national cycle routes 61 and 1. A gentle 45 miles.

I’m always surprised how green it is so close to London. We cycled along frosty country trails and railway lines and bounced over cobbles in Hertford and Ware.

National Cycle Routes 61 and 1After lunch we were mainly pedalling along canals back into London. We found a barge called ‘Paddy’ which I insisted he had his photograph taken in front of. It’s the small things.

Large patches of the canals were frozen and we watched ducks waddling up and down on the ice. One little bird has us in hysterics, taking off from the bank to land on the water, misjudging it and bouncing off the ice to the other bank – poor thing.

I’m not sure how having physio on my left knee for pain running has given my right cycling pain, but by the time we reached the Olympic Stadium in East London it had started to hurt. We arrived at the Greenwich Foot Tunnel thinking we’d soon be home, but it was closed. Anybody who knows the area knows this isn’t good.

We had to cycle half an hour back on ourselves, me using just one leg, to get the ferry across the river. Paddy cycled home to get the car to come rescue me, whilst I sat in the lobby of the Hilton trying to look inconspicuous – I don’t think it worked.

So a slightly sour end to a lovely day’s cycling. All in all, we learnt that I need to get my knee fixed, ducks can walk on water, birds can’t land on ice, Greenwich needs a bridge, and that cycling in the cold is nice when you are wrapped up.

You can see photos of our trip on flickr.

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