Message from Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Message from Sir Ranulph Fiennes

We were both blown away this week when Paddy’s friend, Nick, presented him with a Sir Ranulph Fiennes book with a good luck message to us from the adventurer himself. Nick had been telling him about our expedition at an event and he wrote a quick message telling us to “Enjoy pedalling about!”.Signed book by Ranulph Fiennes

We’re both rather humbled by such a nice message from a massive hero of ours and one of the most famous adventurers there is.

The book, ‘Beyond the limits’, is also proving a useful read as we plan for our trip, with some lessons that we’ll try to remember:

  • It is easier to avoid fear than overcome it
  • When packing your backpack in hot sunshine always include gear for a storm
  • Be flexible most of the time, but remember that one option is to be inflexible some of the time
  • Don’t relax too soon
  • Aim high but start with caution
  • There is a time and a place to go for it. Never waste a moment.
  • Divide your targets up into a number of much smaller goals and then think of them only one at a time
  • Watch out for the tempatation of lingering too long in a warm hut when your schedule is tight and the weather may change

Wise words indeed!

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  • Cool!! Just been reading your blogs on our previous tours- good stuff! I do take exception to the following quote-“They also like to talk about boy things – constantly. These are all lovely blokes, but they were my greatest challenge of the trip.” 🙂 Laura loved the “banter”….

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