Why we’re cycling in aid of the ABC Trust

When we cycle out of Rio de Janiero next week we’ll pass through some of the city’s infamous favelas. It shouldn’t take us long to travel through them and then we’ll be on the scenic coastal road and pedalling freedom

However, for children born into Brazil’s shanty towns it isn’t quite so easy to leave. This is why we are cycling around South America to raise money for the Action for Brazil’s Children Trust (ABC).

Favela do Bode
Favela do Bode

ABC works across Brazil to improve the lives of children born into poverty. In the North East of Brazil, for example, ABC supports ISMEP, a social project in Favela do Bode, which has around 75,000 inhabitants and is one of the poorest and most dangerous areas of Recife.

Bode is full of ad-hoc wooden housing built above the swamp and has no essential public services such as sanitation, electricity or clean water. Boys as young as 12 deal crack in plain daylight whilst child prostitution is widespread. Most children have lost a family member to crime and have experienced several traumas from an early age. Conseqently, the majority of them are often socially excluded, live a low quality of life, have no access to a good education and have few prospects for the future.

In order to tackle this situation ISMEP offers quality education, recreational and vocational activities to children aged 7-16, providing a safe environment for them to play and keeping them off the street. Their main aim is to break the cycle of poverty, violence and hopelessness which exists in the community.

Boys at the ISMEP project
Boys at the ISMEP project

Young people who have been through the project have a different perspective on life, they are aware that they can change society and that goes far beyond learning basic skills. One girl, Shirley, who took part in the scheme is a good example of this. At 13, she already knows what she wants to do when she grows up: ‘I want to be a Police officer, there are too many women dying for nothing and I would like to do something about that.’

The work of ABC is extremely important in turning around the lives of these children. Please support us on our trip around South America and help the children of Brazil.

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“The Action for Brazil’s Children Trust (ABC) is extremely grateful to the Peddlers, Laura and Paddy, for choosing our organisation as the beneficiary of their incredible adventure. We are very excited about how much of a difference can be made at our partner projects with the fundraising that they will be doing and wish them the very best as they embark on what is sure to be a trip of a lifetime.” ABC

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