Celebrating in Mendoza

Celebrating in Mendoza

Three months ago we left Rio de Janeiro on our cycling adventure around South America. 4,800km later, we are in Mendoza, Argentina drinking wine, admiring the views of the Andes and celebrating our engagement!

Paddy popped the question on a wine tour of Mendoza’s vineyards, overlooking the vines and with the Andes in the background.

Celebrating our engagement
Celebrating our engagement

Apparently, he’d had it planned for a while, but I was incredibly surprised and asked him if he was sure several times and called him crazy a bit.

We’ve since been shopping for a ring that I can wear whilst we are travelling. We’re both incredibly happy and looking forward to enjoying the rest of our adventure around South America.

I imagine there will be a few discussions about weddings whilst we cycle around, but we’ll leave the planning until we get home.

For the moment we are focused on the climb over the Andes into Chile and then heading down to Santiago. We leave tomorrow so are currently stocking up on supplies and preparing the bikes for our biggest challenge yet.

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  • Tremendous, wonderful news. We are so happy. Hope the excitement gives your legs plenty of ooomf are you slog up to the top of the mountains. Scenery should be amazing – hope the weather is kind to you. Good luck!

  • Patch and Laura, you look like you’ve had a phenomenal trip. Mendoza is great, I was there this time last year am sooooo jealous! Enjoy the vineyards and good luck for the next legs. Keep pedaling!!

  • Wow! Congratulations!
    Good luck crossing the Andes. Are you going via the tunnel or over the top? The best Lomito we ever had was in Uspallata if you are going to stop off there. Ask a local which place we mean. Suerte.

  • Congratulations Pat and Laura on the engagement!

    Looks and sounds like you’re both having a marvellous time on your trip.

    Pat, though Ed is hardly a replacement for you, he is doing really well. But we could still use you back at the Ark! If you don’t already know, Lim has resurfaced back in the office for a few days each week, sporting a pirate’s patch on one eye (I haven’t dared ask why). It’s good to see him again.

    Nothing too interesting to tell you about the office unless Ed hasn’t been keeping you abreast of the gossip (pregnancies and so forth). We haven’t been sold yet (unfortunately). Business wise, for property reinsurance, we’ve planned to (try to) grow the account by around 40% for next year. Hopefully, we can manage that against a background of v11 and the market losses. Might make up for a 2011 to forget.

    Anyway, take good care and come back in one piece!


  • Have been following your progress with interest and came back to the site today for a nose around only to discover the good news! Congratulations to you both. Pat, must have been difficult to choose the right moment on a trip like that – so many opportunities!

    News from here, just got back from Waterford, yes we finally made it.

    All the best.


  • Hey guys,

    Congratulations on your fantastic news!! Was very excited to hear!
    Looking forward to catching up properly about it.
    Hope the shopping goes well/went well for the “temporary” engagement ring!!

    Catch up soon,

  • Wow, and wow again!

    Congratulations! What an amazing moment in a momentous trip – we’ll raise a glass – or two of Malbec in the office!

    Suz and all at TA

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