Farewell to the Andes – moving memories

Farewell to the Andes – moving memories

After months of climbing up and down the Andes we have finally left the mammoth mountain range to head east across Venezuela’s plains. As way say farewell, we also look back on special moments and some incredible riding.

It has been an amazing experience from the first time we saw them as we cycled towards Mendoza in Argentina. We were so in awe we stopped to take countless photographs of the snow-topped peaks, only to end up a few days later snowed-in when the road to Santiago was closed.

Since then we have cycled through the red sand dunes of the Atacama Desert, across the bright white Salar de Uyuni and through the lush green hills of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.

We suffered from altitude sickness and by the time we reached Venezuela very tired legs. Yet, the residing memory we take from our time in ‘the hills’ is of jaw-dropping scenery, friendly people and a cultural experience far beyond our expectations.

Here are a few of our favourite memories from cycling across the Andes.

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  • Loved the video – can you do a slower version? There were just too many good shots to absorb properly!! XX

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