Whilst planning for the trip we discovered some great websites and books which helped answer our questions, prepare us for what to expect and fuel our desire and excitement.

Travel tale websites

Stories and information from people on the road:

  • 350South – A 17,000mile cycle trip from Alaska to Argentina from July 2011.
  • A Bike Journey – Guy and Freddie’s travels from the UK to Australia. Good travel blog.
  • Al Humphreys – Al cycled around the world. Good blog, articles on cycling and other expeditions.
  • A long bike ride – Leana Niemand cycled around the world.
  • Better Life Cycle – Dan is cycling through Africa, hand-delivering educational aid on the way.
  • Big Africa Cycle – Peter Gostelow’s travels from England to Cape Town by bike. Nice travel blog.
  • Blazing Saddles – Henry and Jamie cycling from the UK to Sydney, amusing blog and videos.
  • Boogie on Tour – we met Chris and Debs on the Costa Verde at the end of their year-long adventure around North and South America
  • Ciclo Pedal – Sergio and Elisa travelling around Brazil by bike
  • Commonwealth Challenge – Sean’s 20,000 mile cycle from Glasgow visiting commonwealth nations.
  • Crazy guy on a bike – a collection of bike touring stories
  • Cycle Tourer – Cycling duo’s information, including camping cooking.
  • Cycling the globe – Thomas is cycling from Denmark to Sydney.
  • Cycling the Six – Steve set off from London in January 2010 on a solo journey around the world.
  • Cycling to the Rugby World Cup – Jodie and Tom cycling to New Zealand for the rugby in 2011.
  • Down the Road – Long term travel stories from Tim Travis.
  • Eric and Amaya – Eric and Amaya’s journey by bike. Since 2006 they have cycled over 80,000km.
  • Global guitar – Robbie Sage is on a musical cycle around the world.
  • Going slowly – Tara and Tylers adventures around South East Asia. Good blog and kit list.
  • Me Bob and Surly – Cycle ride from Trinidad to Argentina, good list of Casas de Ciclistas
  • Patagonia2peru – Philsy and Starky’s four month journey from Patagonia to Peru.
  • Pier Dolmans – cycling through northern Chile from Arica to Santiago
  • Pikes on Bikes – Travels around South America from Mr and Mrs Pike.
  • Riding the spine – Tales from a cycle ride from Alaska to Ushuaia, good photography.
  • Rolling Tales – Emma and Justin’s travels by bike. Great tool for followers to suggest places to visit.
  • Rubem Biker Cicloturismo – Rubem and friend cycling around Brazil
  • Skalatitude – Loretta, solo female traveller cycling around the world.
  • Take on Africa – Helen Lloyd’s cycle from the UK to Cape Town.
  • Tenback – Travels by bike, including a travel log of a trip around Ecuador.
  • The Cycle Strongman – Chris Roach is cycling the world in eight years.
  • The Hungry Cyclist – Tom Kevill-Davies’ adventures by bike finding good food to eat.
  • What a wonderful world – Son and Ali’s travels by bike.
  • Yoko and Hiro – a Japanese couple taking four years off to cycle around the world

Information websites

These sites are great resources to help plan a cycle tour.

  • Bicyle Touring Pro – Info and ideas on bicycle touring and stories from Darren Alffs own travels.
  • Go Bicycle Touring – Guide to the world’s best bicyle touring blogs and resources by Amaya and Eric.
  • Travelling Two – Bike touring information site – everything you could need to know.

Other useful stuff

  • Couchsurfing – a worldwide network where people host travellers, great for meeting locals
  • Skydrive – free online storage to backup your photos, etc
  • Sports Injury Clinic – You Tube videos on how to massage tired muscles
  • Vidiani maps– free online maps of the world that you can print off
  • Warmshowers – similar to Couchsurfing, but for cycle tourists only.

By Pedalling About


These are some of our favourite books about cycle touring.

Alastair Humphreys

  • Moods of joy: Around the world by bike, part 1
  • Thunder and sunshine: Around the world by bike, part 2

Cris Osborn – A Gringo’s Journey

Dervla Murphy

  • Through the Embers of Chaos: Balkan Journeys
  • Full Tilt: Dunkirk to Delhi by bicycle
  • Eight Feet in the Andes: Travels with a mule in unknown Peru

Dominic Gill – Take a seat: One Man, One Tandem and Twenty Thousand Miles of Possibilities

Josie Dew – The wind in my wheels: Travel tales from the saddle

Mark Beaumont

  • The man who cycled the world
  • The man who cycled the Americas

Rob Lilwall – Cycling home from Siberia

Stephen Lord – Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook: Worldwide cycling route and planning guide

Tim and Cindie Travis – Down The Road in South America: A bicycle tour through poverty, paradise, and the places in between

Tom Kevill-Davies – The Hungry Cyclist: Pedalling the Americas in search of the perfect meal

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