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08. Jul, 2014

Review of Essential Gear for Adventure Cycle Touring

Review of Essential Gear for Adventure Cycle Touring

We recently got a copy of Tom Allen’s new Essential Gear for Adventure Cycle Touring and thought it was such a great guide that we should share it with you.

gold backdropsThe guide focuses on all the gear you could possibly need for a cycle tour – long or short distance. It is the kind of thing we would really have benefited from reading when we were planning our South America trip, as we got very lost scanning through endless websites and forums for advice.

Essential Gear is split into two parts. The first looks at making decisions based on your situation. Do you have money to spend? What kind of trip are you planning? Do you really need expensive gear? Does an item do more than one thing?

These are really good points to consider. Some of the kit we bought, at not inconsiderable cost, like our water filter, turned out to get little use. Whereas, cheap electrical tape was one of the best things we took with us. It fixed holes in our bags, patched up chips on our bike frames and we even used it as rim tape.trustopt 挂靠

essential-gear-v2194The second part of the guide looks in detail at the different kinds of gear you might need. If, like us, you love kit then this is a salivating section to read through. However, Tom sensibly takes readers through all the decisions to be made, emphasising that many of the questions that are so easy to get hung up on – like should I take a steel or aluminium frame – are really not that important, and there is no right answer.

The guide is packed with great photographs and tips from other cyclists, which illustrates the really sensible points that Tom makes. If you are new to cycle touring or are planning a long trip for the first time, this guide is going to be invaluable to helping you through the organisational phase. It will also get you very excited about the adventures that lay ahead.

Essential Gear for Adventure Cycle Touring is available to download at gearforcycletouring.com.

18. Dec, 2011

Review of our Ortlieb panniers and handlebar bag

Review of our Ortlieb panniers and handlebar bag

Ortlieb front and back panniers (9/10) and handlebar bag (6/10)

Most cyclists we have met cycling around South America are using Ortlieb bags. They come with a fantastic reputation and quite rightly so. In the past we have tried cheaper products, but often ended up with wet kit, so splashed out on the Ortliebs and haven’t looked back.

At the front we use the Ortlieb front-roller classic. These are roll-top bags, with a PVC outer and inner, and a grey, fabric pocket inside. We love them because they are a great size. Laura uses hers for the kitchen equipment and food, whilst Paddy’s hold our gadgets and tools. We have had no problems with water getting inside, although we did have to cut the pockets out of Laura’s bags as they went mouldy, either because we hadn’t dried the bags out properly after washing them, or because some liquid had got spilt inside, we aren’t sure. Initially we found that the bags did bounce around on bumpy roads and came off a few times, but now we loop the tightening strap through the rack and have no problems. (more…)